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​I have a "thing" I want to entrust to the future

The things I introduce are "things" that will continue to increase in value. We propose "things" that enrich your life and that you want to own for a long time.

We feel that from an economic point of view, capitalism in recent years has lost its cultural support and has become nothing more than a culture of mass-produced "copies" through "imitation." However, the valuable "things" are packed with culture, techniques, stories, and thoughts. The idea of reconstruction seen in the design method skillfully uses the method of "sampling",It is a method of designing by citing designs and techniques backed by history and enhancing the value of the design source, and we believe that it is very different from "imitation".

We want to deliver the "genuine" to everyone, not a "copy". The "genuine" always has a "story" that leads to it. No matter what kind of culture, there is always a "story" of the history, people and techniques that made it possible.

Green leather sofa found in Marais, Paris

A SAINT JAMES basque shirt hanging in a Mont Saint Michel store

A simple Burberry coat from a long-established department store in London

 North Face nylon jacket on San Francisco slopes

LLBean T-shirt given by the owner at Philmont campsite

A small watercolor painting by an old Suntory artist

Saharan sand in a small jar

Each one is engraved with history. I am filled with thoughts.

Why don't you feel the "story" together? Would you like to touch the "genuine"?

You should be able to move and sympathize with the "story" we propose, regardless of age, nationality, or culture.


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